What is User eXperience and why does it matter?

User eXperience is about ensuring people who use your website, app or space don't encounter problems that lead to them going to your competitor. Happy customers = greater income!

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Website Health Check

The Website Health Check is an expert heuristics analysis of a website. In plain terms this means that we have developed a very long list of common problems we find on websites, sorted them into themes and test them against

Rapid User Testing

When you want to find out what existing and potential customers think of your website, app or product but have limited time or budget, this may be the ideal option. Rapid User Testing has been designed as a stand alone

Core Points Review

The Core Points Review is a natural support service which should be considered if you have used either the Website Health Check or Rapid User Testing services. The result of each of those services is a short and simple report

Website Assist

If you’re planning to have a new website created or already have one being developed, Website Assist is the perfect service to help you ensure it will provide as good a user experience as possible by the time you launch

eMailing List

Once you’ve decided you want to create an email mailing list to allow you to market products and offers to your customer base, the next step is the effort of: signing up to a hosted solution creating the mailing list

Digital signage

What Is It? Digital Signage is the catch all name for any form of advertising using some form of computer based display device, typically a monitor or projector. These range from small displays in the reception of a local business

Some of the tools we use

We use a range of tools to ensure we find the problems that matter most to you. Three of those are eye tracking, expert heuristic evaluation and verbal protocols. Select one of the options to find out more about it.

Eye tracking
Expert heuristic evaluation
Verbal protocols