What Is It?

Digital Signage is the catch all name for any form of advertising using some form of computer based display device, typically a monitor or projector. These range from small displays in the reception of a local business to the large standalone devices you may increasingly come across in a city centre or out of town retail park.

Our service allows the average town high street shop or office to provide timely, up to date, eye catching digital signage at an affordable cost. With the training we provide to every client, these easy to use systems can provide a wealth of information to the people passing your window or carefully targeted snippets to those already on your premises.

Who Is It For?

The uses are so wide and varied we haven’t even begun to explore them all, but a few sample situations could be use by:

  • an estate agent to display several photos, one after the other, of a small selection of their premium properties, allowing passers by a far greater idea of the property than the normal single photo with basic information allows.
  • a cafe or restaurant to show enticing photos of food, the space as it looks when busy, daily specials or menu highlights with photos and perhaps a short video of their kitchen in full swing.
  • an art gallery to provide information on the current exhibition or range of works in stock along with providing details of future exhibitions and events.
  • B&Bs to display an instantly visible “VACANCIES” along with room rates, details of breakfast and photos of the rooms including any communal areas.
  • delicatessen & wine merchants to show “Just arrived”, “New in stock”, special offers, top sellers, wine & food suggestions etc.
  • florists to show the range of flowers that can be ordered along with sample bouquets and gift collections that are often made to order with no samples on display along with crucial information on delivery schedules and areas etc.