Once you’ve decided you want to create an email mailing list to allow you to market products and offers to your customer base, the next step is the effort of:

  • signing up to a hosted solution
  • creating the mailing list
  • configuring the sign up forms
  • incorporating the sign up forms on your website and social media platforms
  • getting people to sign up to the list
  • sending effective emails to gain a direct business benefit

We can save you much of that effort by carrying out all the tasks required to allow you to begin coaxing customers to join your new mailing list. In addition, we can discuss how to go about convincing people to sign up to your list along with the problems you may face and how to ensure you don’t have your mailing list suspended due to false claims that you’re sending SPAM. Finally, we can provide training on how to use the mailing list platform and explain how you may choose to make use of it, ensuring we address the specific needs of your business.

Not only will we remove much of the complexity related to creating and using a mailing list, we will do it in just a few hours. We will make it easy for you to get up and running.