Most of the tools available to analyse the ease of use of whatever is being tested can, and often are, used in a solely qualitative way. While this can be fine for identifying the most obvious problems, and is therefore the nature of a Website Health Check, there are many cases where you need reliable statistical evidence to decide which discovered issues are really a problem, which are the most obstructive problems (so these can be fixed first) and, perhaps less obviously, which problems clearly affect the people carrying out the task yet scores highly when asked how much they enjoyed carrying out the task!

Metrics can include the most simple recording of whether a task was completed or not, how long a specific task takes an average person compared to an expert and complex multi-approach metrics involving both measured and asked responses which can then be used to prove beyond doubt that any changes made have actually been beneficial.

Metrics are absolutely key to calculating the return on investment for hiring Stropharia to find the problems and get them fixed.