The Core Points Review is a natural support service which should be considered if you have used either the Website Health Check or Rapid User Testing services.

The result of each of those services is a short and simple report providing clear information on the main problems people may experience while using your website and indicating how you may fix them. You would then work to correct the problems found, either on your own or by instructing your web designer. That will be everything fixed with no more need to worry, right?

Not necessarily! It’s possible that in acting to fix the problems we find, your corrections will be ineffective or, worse, introduce new problems!

This is where the Core Points Review comes in. By placing an order for this service and informing us which problems from your report you believe you have fixed, you allow us to carry out a short and very targeted review of those problems. We can then either confirm the problems no longer exist or provide further information to enable you to have them fixed.

Think of the Core Points Review as a little bit of additional insurance for peace of mind.

Client locationWorldwide!
The only restriction is that the website must be presented in English.
Typical lead timeTwo weeks from receipt of payment.
Payment termsPayment required in full before a Core Points Review is undertaken.
PrerequisitesThe Core Points Review follows on from either the Website Health Check or Rapid User Testing services. It can not be ordered without one of those having previously been carried out.
Useful follow on servicesWebsite Assist