One of the best ways to find out where the problems lie with your website, software applications, product or space is to be able to observe them being used by an “average user” who has never before had contact with them.

Discovering what aspects need to be altered or corrected is not as simple as asking a friend to look at your website and tell you what they think. It is likely they won’t want to hurt your feelings and you have probably not been trained to find out what someone actually means. A new user of a website saying they like your website and found it easy to use may offer an entirely different story when you get to watch them struggle to find information they want or carry out a task such as purchasing an item from an online shop.

Our Managed User Testing service has no clearly defined structure as, unlike the packaged Rapid User Testing service, it is designed to meet your specific needs. As such the project life cycle may be just a single day if the analysis is being carried out in house, to many days spread over a number of sessions throughout the development cycle of your product.

The careful design around your specific needs ensues any of our tools of the trade can be selected to be certain the results of the testing sessions can be analysed in a way that matches your testing goals. Even better is the fact that, in almost all cases, the use of any tool we have at our disposal, whether hardware, software or methodology, will be included in your quote. That means no expensive rental charges for remote eye tracking equipment we already own!

Where they are required, additional costs such as travel, the cost of a testing location, gifts for participants etc. will be estimated in advance to reduce the risk of unexpected costs at a later point in the project.

When you find the problems that are preventing potential customers from completing a transaction, you stand a good chance of increasing your customer base and therefore revenue. Find those problems by contacting us to discuss your specific needs.