When you want to find out what existing and potential customers think of your website, app or product but have limited time or budget, this may be the ideal option. Rapid User Testing has been designed as a stand alone packaged service to get useful user testing results with just two or three days to plan the required tests, carry them out and generate a short and easy to understand report.

It is ideal if you have regular passing trade as that can drastically speed up the process of finding people to test. However, even organisations that are situated away from busy public areas can still benefit – it just takes a little more planning to hold the sessions in a useful space while ensuring a good number of representative people will be present.

Although certainly not necessary, you may choose to have a Website Health Check evaluation completed before purchasing this service. The results from the Website Health Check can be very helpful for the design stage of the testing by providing information on which aspects of the website are the most important to test. This can help to ensure less testing time is given to tasks which are unlikely to present a problem, ensuring the results are more useful.

At the end of the process you will receive a short written report presenting the findings of the testing along with our recommendations on what needs to be done to correct the main problems found. If the type of testing carried out allows it, you will also receive a video file demonstrating the key problems users experienced, allowing you to see them experience the problems firsthand, providing a better understanding of why something may be causing a problem. This will substantially help you or your web designer correct the problems and produce a more useful website that provides the information your customers need.

Once the analysis has been completed, a short meeting can be arranged to go over the report and key points from the video file.

Client locationWorldwide!
The only restriction is that the website must be presented in English and of a nature that makes sense in the United Kingdom.
Typical lead timeTwo weeks from receipt of payment.
Payment termsPayment required in full before a Rapid User Testing analysis is undertaken.
Useful follow on servicesCore points review
Website Assist
Which tools may be usedScreen recording
Verbal protocols
Eye tracking
User testing
Qualitative & quantitative analysis