The Website Health Check is an expert heuristics analysis of a website. In plain terms this means that we have developed a very long list of common problems we find on websites, sorted them into themes and test them against a website. This allows us to find specific things that could be improved, explain why it may cause a problem for your website visitors and offer an overview suggestion on how it may be fixed.

The sort of themes we’re testing against include the following, each theme having many specific points:

  • The technology used to create the website – does it suit the needs of the website?
  • The structure of the website – how easily can information be found?
  • The visual styling of the website – is it current and attractive or does it look like it was created a decade ago?
  • The website content – does it make it clear what the website is for and is it easy to understand?
  • If you sell from the website – are products easy to find with clear information and pricing?
  • That overall, it provides a simple to use and enjoyable experience. Your customers should not feel irritated after visiting your website!

The result of the analysis is a short report containing a summary of our findings, an ordered list of the top few issues we recommend you fix as soon as you can and our point by point analysis notes providing brief information for each issue we find. This allows you to focus on the most important issues to fix quickly while being able to work through the rest as you have the time. Once you have had time to work through the report, a short phone call or Skype can be arranged if there is anything you need further explanation of.

Whether you are looking for a Website Health Check to be the sole test of a small website or the starting point for a more complex website, there are few more useful and cost effective ways of getting the information you need quickly.

Client locationWorldwide!
The only restriction is that the website must be presented in English.
Typical lead timeTwo weeks from receipt of payment.
Payment termsPayment required in full before a Website Health Check analysis is undertaken.
Useful follow on servicesCore points review
Rapid User Testing
Website Assist
Which tools may be usedExpert heuristic evaluation