Usability & UX
Our core focus is the help clients improve their websites with the aim of increasing their own client base and revenues as a result. We have developed a number of targeted services along with offering general consultancy to ensure a fit with whatever your needs happen to be.

About Stropharia
Our virtual doors opened on the 1st of March 2002 and ever since we have been offering services to make our clients’ websites easier to use and therefore see them gain increased revenues from happier website users.
We will continue to enhance out understanding of what tools and techniques will be the most beneficial to our clients for many years to come.

Stropharia Community Research
Partly to satisfy our own need for understanding and to look for gaps in currently published information, we will be researching a number of areas over the coming months and years. The results from these studies will be openly published here and articles written for other websites and magazines as appropriate.

In order to carry out this research we will need people to assist with the design and organisation along with plenty of people to test so we ensure the results are valid.

If you would like to be involved in either capacity please get in touch and let us know. Some studies will only be able to use people located in central Scotland while others will be able to use participants anywhere in the world.