Making life easier – because it needs to be.

At Stropharia, it’s our goal to make things easier to use. Although our background is in the digital world and covers desktop applications, apps for smart phones & tablets along with websites of course, we also care a great deal about the real world as no person exists solely in the digital world. With this in mind we also work with real life objects such as control panels as well as physical locations such as museums and galleries.

By putting a little effort into making things easier to use, there’s a strong chance you will gain new customers that often go elsewhere when confronted by a difficult to use website, a remote control that isn’t sensibly laid out or a gallery that doesn’t allow people to view the works easily.

Contact us today and find out how we can help make things easier for your customers.


We make websites, desktop applications, mobile apps, real life objects and real life places easier to use.


We use a range of tools and processes to find areas which may be causing people difficulty, then find a solution.


People don't enjoy using things that are difficult to use, so by making them easier to use you see fewer people going to a competitor.


Pretty much anyone, though we focus on small and medium sized businesses and specialise in a number of sectors.